Yoga Liberation Front 500 hour Teacher Training Spectacular

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David Vendetti

I am the current founder of the Yoga Liberation Front teacher training. In the past I co-owned and directed South Boston Yoga and began my research as a dancer, artist, and biologist. My studies brought fascinati...
The online, in person or combined Yoga Liberation Front Teacher Training is an absolutely incredible game changing opportunity that is open to everyone… every body, every age, every religion, every belief, every orientation, every expression of what it means to be human. 

We are dedicated to clear, compassionate, thoughtful and intimate communication. We are dedicated to epic inclusivity. We believe in listening to the voices and stories of each and every individual. We are committed to changing to be our best selves. The world only changes when you change. Let’s create the world we know can be together.

Our promise is to see everyone as family and friends whom we have not yet met and to treat them as someone we love. Our promise is to move through this life not in a reactive way but from a place of balance and steadiness. To walk authentically into this world and take actions to support change, progress and the evolution of human consciousness. To learn the skills to help stop the cycle of karma and suffering in ourselves through education and transformative action. Then through this to be able to make the space for others to do the same. As a yoga teacher this is the kind of space you will be creating with presence, community and classes.

   This training is unprecedented and the start of something bigger, brighter and more fascinating than anything that has come before. I have invited friends, family, mischief makers, harmonizers, innovators, game changers and some of my deepest personal inspirations to add their knowledge and love to this teaching.

There will be a massive amount of absolutely incredible information that easily exceeds the hours of the course but is here for all of us to learn, share and evolve with. Everything in the course is recorded so you can create the optimal schedule for your learning!

A basic week schedule looks like the following (keep in mind everything is recorded and can be watched at anytime)…

Daily Optional Meditation (7-8am)

Monday(6-7:15pm): All Levels Yoga
Tuesday(9-11am & 6:30-7:30pm): Guided Meditation & Ball Rolling
Wednesday(6-7:15pm): All Levels Yoga
Thursday(9-11am): Guided Meditation & Ball Rolling
Friday (6-8pm): Special Presenter Workshop
Saturday(10-3:30pm): Special Presenter Workshop and Zoom Meeting 
Sunday(11-3pm): All Levels Yoga & Special Presenter Workshop and Mini Zoom

Each day there are some light homework assignments and there is an optional silent morning meditation. In addition all participants schedule a set weekly 15-30 minute one on one meeting with the course leader.

The course is a one of a kind in that there is no separation between 200 and 300 hours. It is a 500 hour personal life changing experience on so much more than yoga.

The curriculum is planned to build and expand throughout the course for the most amazing immersive experience and a thoroughly powerful evolution of human potential. 

Every week you have a different sequence for your yoga and ball rolling classes. You will learn not only to teach, modify and adjust these sequences but also how to lengthen and combine them for in depth workshops, weekend retreats and trainings.

Here are the sequences…

  1. Foundations and New Beginnings. 
  2. Stand Your Ground
  3. Hips Don’t Lie
  4. Open Hearted
  5. Facing Inward
  6. Sidewinders
  7. X’s & O’s
  8. One Giant Leap
  9. The Heart of The Matter
  10. Breathe With Me

At the same time there is also a topic of the week that your 3 Special Presenters will be speaking on.

  1. Foundations, History & Mythology
  2. Social Justice part 1
  3. Social Justice part 2
  4. Simple Sequencing
  5. Strong Sequencing
  6. Restorative and Yin Yoga
  7. Nutrition and Self Care
  8. Anatomy and Experiential Anatomy
  9. Functional Movement and Personal Training
  10. Yoga For Every Body, Prenatal and Body Love
  11. Tribal Rhythm and Unity Dance
  12. Using Harmony & Finding Your Authentic Voice
  13. The Art of Meditation (silence)
  14. What is Enlightenment?
  15. The Business of Yoga & Yoga Online
  16. Teaching From the Heart
  17. Using Anatomy Trains & Body Reading For Private Clients
  18. Advanced Asana
  19. Creating Workshops and Retreats
  20. Graduation

The teacher line up for the 200 and 300 hour program is growing daily and includes…

Antonio Aniello, Alex Auder, Alex Düsterfeld, Amanda Lee, Annie Johnson, Amanda Wood, Betty Riaz, Catherine Allen, Chris Assaad, Courtney Bell, Calia Marshall, Drew Ricciardi, Daniel Lucio, Erica Nunnally, Georgia Reath, Hannah Lou Woods, Irene Soléa Antonellis, Jacqui Bonwell, Jean Appolon, Jae Gustavo, Jen Earls, Joe Gallop, Johnathon Holmes, Joseph Welch, Karen Kaplan, Kate Graham, Kyle Powers, Lauren Haythe, Laura Mckowen, Leslie Salmon Jones, Linda Wells, Melissa Alexis, Marlene Boyette, Michelle Leotta, Mike Massey, Magi Pierce, Miles Borrero, Nikki Vilella, Phoenix Soulfire, Priya Deepika Mohan, Politea Le, Rachel Barringer, Raquel Marra, Rachel Smiljanić, Saundra Holt, Shira Beth Brenner, Stacey Schaedler, Todd Skoglund, William Jackson, ...and we are just getting started:)

The curriculum is online and made for ease of being, adult learning, and flexibility so that each individual can take their time with the material. With the use of google classroom you can work your way through the curriculum at the pace that works best for you.

A fantastic kit of Ball Rolling Self Massage Tools & Rubber Workout Bands will be sent to you once you register! There is an extensive online manual that can be printed if you wish:)

If you are joining from a different country please email as prices vary to accommodate all students. This program is to be open to absolutely everyone. If you could use a hand with the financial side of the course there are scholarships available.

The course offering is $4750 and there is a $4500 early bird special if paid in full by the weekend before the event begins:) Payment plans are available and would be $1000 a month for the 5 month duration of the course. 

Once you have registered please email us at [email protected] to set up your online greeting and Q&A with David!