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About Darling Yoga
For 15 years we have been our home away from home for the yoga community in Overland Park, KS and beyond.  When you walk in the doors of Darling Yoga you immediately a sense of peace, acceptance and love.  We offer inclusive classes for all ages, fitness and experience levels including inspiring flow classes, restorative classes for health and healing, challenging vinyasa classes, fun classes with kids, prenatal yoga and more.  Despite the type of class, our teachers always go the extra mile, whether that be with an inspiring theme, a poem, aromatherapy, or with coffee or tea after class.  We are passionate about what we do, and we want everyone to feel welcome in our studio home.
 In addition to our classes we also offer a small boutique where you can find typically find eco-friendly mats, yoga clothing made with sustainable fabrics, local art on display, homemade sourdough breads & cookies and farm-fresh eggs from our family farm.  Owned by sisters Emily Darling & Sarah Darling, we are truly a family business, and we always invite you to join our family too. 
Come for classes, workshops, events, or for our annual yoga teacher training program which has earned a 5-star rating over the past 10 years. We'd love to see you in the studio or online, where we offer daily live-stream classes.  Members can now also access hundreds of classes from our on-demand class library as well - great for the traveling yogi, new moms, or those with challenging schedules.