Tara Briggs

At first, Tara found her way to her mat to simply distress from her jobs working in the mental health field. She fell in love with the practice of meditating, and immediately noticed a feeling of lightness and a difference in her mood. After having suffered from anxiety most of her life, she noticed that the breath work, meditation, and movement calmed her mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga also played a role in Tara’s recovery from addiction. A key component to her recovery was learning to deal with emotions in a healthier way. By incorporating yoga into her recovery process, she gained new, healthy tools to handle stress and anxiety. Tara  lost her brother to his own battle with addiction in 2017, and she has used her practice to gain the strength to process her grief. Tara teaches basic, but powerful classes inspired by Vinyasa. As a student, you can expect her classes to be approachable, fun, relaxing, and challenging. 

Tara’s goal is to get her students to be in the moment and give them the confidence to embrace who they are on and off the mat. Tara completed her 200-hour Teacher Training at Mantra Yoga Studio in 2017. She has a degree in mental health and is Reiki 2 certified. Tara not only teaches at studios, but also at detox facilities, sober homes, and a high school for teens struggling with addiction.  She also teaches recovery yoga classes designed for those who suffer from substance use disorder and classes geared for their loved ones. Tara will forever remain a student and is extremely grateful for the teachers she met along her path. She looks forward to continuing to follow her passion for yoga and sharing it with others. 

Yoga allows us to embrace both the light and dark that exists in all of us.