Kimberley Ballard

Yoga started for Kimberley as a good stretch after cardio and muscle conditioning because it made her body feel so good –lighter, stronger, and more flexible. After over a decade of practicing once or twice a week, Kimberley began exploring her yoga practice in earnest – trying a myriad of different yoga classes and workshops to deepen her practice. She experienced many different teachers and yoga styles – from Restorative, Pranayama, to powerful Vinyasa flows.

As Kimberley furthered her yoga practice, she found that the pleasure she derived from yoga only intensified. Looking to become a more balanced person and align her asana practice with a more spiritual one, Kimberley received her 200 hour RYT in 2016, studying with Marlena Bruno and Willa Worsfold at Mantra Yoga Studio. She has been teaching steadily classes on the Northshore and through private lessons and workshops ever since. Dedicated to always learning, Kimberley has received training in Reiki I and an introduction to Thai Massage, incorporating both these practices into hands-on assists in her classes.

“Yoga brings me such joy and I would like to plant this seed of joy in others as a teacher - first through asana and also through what has resonated with me about the mind, body, and spirit connection that I’ve learned from yoga. Helping others feel good in their bodies, calmer in their minds, and more at ease in their spirit, is what I hope to bring to my students. As each phase of your life comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, I want to share how yoga can change your path, fill your heart, and strengthen your body at any age.”