Yoga Nidra with Ali Janavaris

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Ali Janavaris

Ali grew up attending yoga classes. For her, practicing yoga brought her comfort. During college when Ali decided to take her practice mostly off the mat, sometimes she would forget how to tap into the comfort fe...
Yoga Nidra 
Weekly on Thursdays,  7 - 7:30 p.m. 

Join Kripalu Yoga teacher, Ali Janavaris for a night of peaceful meditation. Activate the 'relaxation response' part of yourself, the body's natural healing state. All you have to do to activate this part of yourself is lie down in savasana and listen!  Ali will lead you through a feeling experience addressing each of the five koshas which represent the complete person. Tune into the physical body, energy, mind/emotion, intuition/wisdom, and bliss/healing bodies. This is a practice of inner awareness and inner peace. Bring awareness to the sacred parts of yourself to calm and rejuvinate the whole system - mind, body, and soul.