Yoga For Athletes

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Yalith Axelson

Yalith Axelson is a 200hr registered yoga teacher with the yoga alliance. She completed her yoga teacher training under the compassionate teaching of Jennifer Yarro and Daniel Orlansky. She has since completed an...
Yoga for Athletes is an active class designed for injury prevention and athletic performance enhancement. Each class will start with a flowy, dynamic warm up.  We will then work on strengthening and improving muscle endurance with exercises targeting glutes, core, and more. 

After that, we will build to more complex, compound movements focusing on proper biomechanics, with a special emphasis on squatting, jumping, and landing mechanics. We will also explore proprioception, balance, and awareness muscle activation and supplement all of this with yogic breath (pranayama), discovering how the breath can be used as a superpower to up-level your movement practice. The class will also emphasize mental skills and wellbeing to aid in injury prevention, pain management, and an easier return to sport in the event of injury. 

We will use the typical yoga props, including blocks, straps, and blankets while introducing some other props such as resistance bands, foam rollers, and small balls for myofascial release. We might also use a chair or the wall for some classes.