Mama Says Namaste - 21 Day Breath and Meditation Program $21.00 valid for 10 years
  • 21 days of Breath and Meditation to begin or re-start your meditation practice.

    Join Tatyana Souza on this 21-day excursion to recommit to your meditation practice and explore the grounding wonders of breathwork. Tune-in each day for a 15-minute practice and learn from the ground up. We will explore a variety of meditation positions, use of props to set up for success, breath awareness, and breath techniques to hone the mind for a more focused meditation. Repetition breeds success, and each day we will build and expand upon the previous. Leave each session feeling grounded, more in-tune with your inner wisdom, and with more clarity for the day ahead. 

    Unlimited permanent access to 21 days of breath and meditation practices.

  • One-time charge