Vanya Francis

Vanya Francis weaves a unique tapestry of holistic wellness to support and uplift families during their childbirth journeys. She is a certified yoga instructor and prenatal yoga teacher educator, receiving her 20...

Prenatal Yoga | {Four Agreements 1 of 4} Be Impeccable with Your Word

This class is the first in a series that focuses on the Four Agreements, a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz, in which he shares Toltec wisdom of reaching inner peace, happiness, and freedom.  The first agreement, and our intention for this prenatal yoga class, is to “Be Impeccable With Your Word”. Through this agreement, we are taught to speak with integrity and say only what you mean, to avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others, and to use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. We are reminded to give ourselves room to make mistakes but hold ourselves responsible so that we may grow towards this truth and love. 

We begin this class with gentle breath work, centering our intention and coming fully into the present moment. We then move to hands and knees to warm the spine before picking up the pace through modified planks and a standing sequence. We round out the class with hip openers and stretches to prepare the body to open for birth.