Vanya Francis

Vanya Francis weaves a unique tapestry of holistic wellness to support and uplift families during their childbirth journeys. She is a certified yoga instructor and prenatal yoga teacher educator, receiving her 20...

Prenatal Yoga | Out with the Old, In with the New

This first yoga class of 2022 is appropriate at anytime throughout the year and centers on embracing new habits while letting go of engrained practices that may not benefit us. It is inspired by a quote from Octavia Butler that starts with: “First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable.” 

Humans are creatures of habits and we usually default to what we have always done, which may not always be the best thing for us. But humans are also adaptable. We can change old habits! During times of change though, there is usually a period of discomfort. It is helpful to remember that change takes time and to give yourself compassion and grace as you make a change. 

We start this class in standing positions and squats to open our hearts and hips followed by deep stretches throughout our body. We then move actively in a modified exercise that I call “pregnant burbees”. Throughout our time together, we reflect on a habit that we intend to develop, focusing on realistic goals and actionable steps, and keeping in mind patience and compassion for ourselves.