Prenatal Yoga | Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Vanya Francis

Vanya Francis is a mother, yoga instructor, holistic health coach and holistic birth doula. Vanya is also the founder of Cherished Life, a boutique yoga and wellness company offering compassionate care and holist...
This class was inspired by one of the affirmation cards from the Doula Deck. Consider that you take up to 30,000 breaths each day without having to think about it. Now consider all of the other ways your body works for you on its own. 

Based on those reflections, what limiting beliefs can you let go of when you think about your body birthing your baby?

Class begins with a guided meditation to help you trust your body more and let go of limiting beliefs. We flow through a warm up targeting the lower body and hips in preparation for Chandra Namaskar (moon salutation). Class ends with light breathwork while repeating the affirmation: Just as my body knows how to create a baby, it knows how to birth a baby.

Suggested props: blanket, bolster, 2 blocks