Vanya Francis

Vanya Francis weaves a unique tapestry of holistic wellness to support and uplift families during their childbirth journeys. She is a certified yoga instructor and prenatal yoga teacher educator, receiving her 20...

Prenatal Yoga | Women's Work

This class was inspired by the following passage published by DailyOm. As a mother, women's work has come to mean so much more to me, particularly as I mature. It is sacred work, and something I now cherish, particularly because I am required to wear so many hats, which sometimes takes away from the work I believe I was divinely designed to do like nurturing and raising my children. Read below for additional insights and inspiration.

This class begins with 360 degree core work done in seated and kneeling postures to stretch and strength the abdominal muscles. It then flows into a modified sun salutation sequence designed to quickly build heat while providing a total body workout. Class ends with side-lying savasana giving you intentional time and an opportunity to relax and integrate everything done in class. 

In the recent past, the term “women’s work” has come to have a derogatory connotation. Women’s work encompasses all the domestic chores that have historically been associated only with women: cooking, cleaning, and raising children. Whenever a person is limited to only certain kinds of work in a society, there is a need to break free from that work in order to inhabit a place of choice. However, when we choose to do women’s work because we enjoy it, there is nothing degrading about it. There is an honor to it, and when done alone or in a group, this work can be truly meaningful and fulfilling because the home is the foundation of security for all who live in it. The importance of tending the hearth that nurtures all who bask in its warmth cannot be overstated. 

In addition to being essential to the functioning of the world, women’s work offers creative fulfillment, intimate interaction, and personal satisfaction. The more we become aware of the significance of this realm of labor, the more fulfilling it will be both to those who do the work and those who benefit from it. A well-set table and a delicious, healthy meal can heal us on multiple levels. Clean, crisp sheets on a bed allow us to enter a deep slumber, inspiring a sense of safety and trust. Our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health all rest upon the smooth functioning of our homes. 

The more we acknowledge the tremendous importance of this work, the more we are able to do it with a sense of pride, never feeling for a moment that our efforts are less significant or meaningful than those working outside the home. On the contrary, it is this work that makes all other work possible.