Vinyasa for Mental Health - Flip Your Perspective (cuts out during bridge, do a spinal twist on each side and savasana <3)

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Jeff Percacciante

Part upstate New York, part Brooklyn, Jeff Percacciante is a yoga teacher, comedian and body image coach. He found yoga and meditation in 2009 as a means to connect with his body, confront anxiety and depression ...
Always thoughtful and never dogmatic, Vinyasa for Mental Health is a 60 minute yoga, breath and movement sequence designed to bring emotional clarity and balance. This class will focus on various elements of mental health, such as coping with depression, anxiety and other difficult emotions, and, through them, finding contentedness, peace and equanimity. Expect a short dharma talk at the beginning of class, followed by meditation, accessible movement for all body types and a restorative finisher. This class will always feature a well rounded movement sequence focused on breath and mobility, and will be available in the replay library any time you need an “emotional check in” on the mat.