Monica Stein

Monica Stein is a Lifestyle Engineer bringing you a well-rounded perspective to mind, body and spirit with a blend of certifications in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda and an engineering background.  

After leaving her corporate engineering position, she embarked on a path that brings her full circle and back to her authentic Self, as she began her meditation and self-healing journey when she was a child. 

She integrates her Iyengar yoga training with her Chopra Certified Instructor training leading Primordial Sound Meditation and Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle classes and workshops.

If you are looking to restore your mind, body and spirit and return to your authentic Self, please join me.

Thank you, Monica-
You have a beautiful and calming presence when you teach <3 
The practice felt really good in my body.
Beth N. 

Monica is a wonderful yoga instructor! I always enjoy taking yoga classes with her. Monica is a wonderful instructor and has such a calm, personable presence. She’s very attentive and is always aware of her students’ individual abilities and offers modifications.
Debbie F. 

You are amazing and have definitely found your calling! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with us.
Stacey D.

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Yoga Nidra 11-8-21

with Monica Stein

Be Enlightened 7-5-22

with Monica Stein

Set Your Intention 10-11-22

with Monica Stein

Be Enlightened 11-1-22

with Monica Stein

Set Your Intention 11-28-22

with Monica Stein
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