Jenny Brown

Jenny became BarreCoast certified in 2014. Movement has always been apart of Jenny’s life.  She has found a love of all things fitness and is always up to trying something new! Two things Jenny loves are music an...

Barre w Jenny June 15, 2024

Aired -

1h 2m
  • Pilates ball 
  • mini band
  • weight collection 
  • long resistance band

Get ready for a full body workout in this hour long muscle conditioning class. We will work our muscles isometrically, finding a contraction and holding it throughout variations of moves. Think small movements, high reps; low impact but high tensity. 

Light weights, resistance bands, gliders, pilates ring and a handful of other props will intensify your burn. The class is different every time! 

Your arms, legs, buns, and core will thank you! 

All levels.