Jeff Bailey

Jeff is the founder of Avita Yoga. Yoga as an awakening path is his life's work and dharma. Passion and purpose were set in 1985 at the age of 23 when he sincerely asked: What does it mean "to join?" If yoga join...

Avita Moving Meditation: Welcome All Thoughts

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Too often, in meditation, we try to calm the mind. Yoda said it best, "There is no try! Do or do not." And so what we aim to do, is undo. How do we undo? It's a consistent theme that runs through Avita Yoga on both the level of body and mind. We let the resistance come to the surface of awareness without judgment. The shapes reveal it to us in the body, and life shows it to us in the mind. 

Let this gentle meditation plant the seed for an ongoing practice where we willingly look at the judgments without judgment! That's it! So I get upset about someone else's traffic violation "against me." Can I look at the upset without judgment? Can I hold it to the light and see that it's working against me and what I truly want? I want a better way. I want to know my Self as the source of eternal peace and happiness. This is our yoga--both goal and practice. Welcome and release all thoughts until none are left that keep us from the goal. You can (un)do it! :)