Jayne Gottlieb

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, creative and powerful Aspen community change agent, and owner/founder of Aspen Shakti, Aspen's Institute for the Mind, Body & Spirit to COME ALIVE.  As a yoga/meditation teacher, embod...

SHAKTI TALKS (LIVE)- Episode 4: In a World Where Everything is 'Fact", How Do We Know What's True?

Join Jayne Gottlieb and Marisa Hallsted for a live discussion and Q&A with the local Aspen community at Here House. The topic of discussion: truth. What is truth? How do we know what is "true" for us? How do we explore our own biases and narratives that guide what feels true? How can we use embodiment practice to really hone in on what feels true in our individual experience?