Marisa Hallsted

Marisa was raised by yoga teachers and has been practicing her whole life. Her relationship with yoga has changed over the years to match the various phases of her life from purely physical, to diving into the yo...

RENEW ( ground + deep stretch )

A deep, reflective and rejuvenating HATHA and DEEP STRETCH practice. 

As you learn how to meet the moment and get present with all of yourself on the mat, you anchor in the resilience, strength and bliss necessary for fully ALIVE LIVING off the mat. 

Expect slow intentional movement, strong poses and mindful breathwork to help you focus the mind and access a state of being that is grounded, reflective and stabilizing.  This class provides a deep embodiment journey set to a powerful playlist for whole body, mind, spirit realignment!  

Rooted in hatha and yin yoga, we sprinkle in strength, balance, heat, deep stretch and a mindful element of meditation.  You will experience a release of tension and get deep into the issues that live in the tissues to move old, stuck energy.  Without so much residue in the body, your perspective can widen and your wise higher self can lead the way.  Longer holds offer students the space for reflection and integration of your whole self. 

This is the part of your journey where you can REFLECT UPON and INTEGRATE every experience that has made you who you are and your life what it is.  

Other benefits include flexibility, training the nervous system and mind for presence vs stress response, releasing residual tension from the cells and muscle tissues, injury support and oxygenated blood.