Jayne Gottlieb

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, creative and powerful Aspen community change agent, and owner/founder of Aspen Shakti, Aspen's Institute for the Mind, Body & Spirit to COME ALIVE.  As a yoga/meditation teacher, embod...

ALIVE ON-DEMAND (dance + release)

Aired -

1h 10m
ALIVE  (dance + release) at home previously filmed live at Aspen Shakti!

A liberating, high-cardio, enlivening dance-inspired fitness ceremony.

Aspen Shakti's Signature Class, the hero’s threshold moment, and a class of FIRE!!
This practice is powerful, fun, enlivening, intoxicating, addicting, liberating, graceful and it is for EVERYONE! 

Expect the energy of a nightclub, the powerful guidance of a master embodiment practitioner, the sophistication and chicness of Aspen, and a workout that hits every part of the body, mind and spirit.  

ALIVE is a holistic experience that is transformative, cathartic and deeply empowering.  Imagine a shower for the inside, each experience offers a tangible experience of embodied freedom, confidence, sexiness and unapologetic creative expression.  

With roots in yoga, african dance, cardio, hip hop, capoeira, jazz, street dance and isolated muscle strengthening, students experience a release of heaviness, a rise in their vibration and achieve the result of being visibly ALIVE and FREE in their radiant body.

You will move through an intentional liberating journey that will likely challenge, inspire, cleanse and awaken the truth of who you are.  

Other benefits include agility, sharpness of mind, a tangible boost in confidence and aliveness, heart-opening, an activated creative center, a stronger body, and an average of 750-950 calories burned.