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My practice inspires my teaching. It is how I inject passion into every class and every student with whom I serve. My teachers continue to inspire me, and I remain a student for life. I have learned that the physical body is a pathway to knowing one’s true self. At the heart of my teaching is breath and alignment-based vinyasa, combined with thematic sequences that tell a unique story. I love to get technical and break down postures, which means challenging students to slow down…meditation in action. I also encourage all my students to meet themselves where they are, and offer alternative techniques throughout the practice. My classes have been described as grounding, energizing and light-hearted. I firmly believe we can perform a serious practice, while not taking ourselves too seriously. I utilize the philosophy of the 8 Limbs of Yoga and explain them in an accessible way. I emphasize the importance of self-study and how yoga is ultimately an internal practice. I hope to empower students to define yoga for themselves as they build their practice.