Single class with AVI Teacher $15.00 one time use
  • Enjoy a basic Viniyoga class with an experienced Viniyoga teacher.
  • One-time charge
Single Class with Gary Kraftsow $20.00 one time use
  • Use for any LIVE class with Gary Kraftsow. (Does not include Mentorship)
  • One-time charge
Mini Ananta Pass $68.00 per month
  • Access to 4 live or on-demand classes per month + the monthly Mentorship Sangha meeting. MONTHLY AUTO RENEW
  • Auto-renews
New User Ananta Pass $98.00 valid for 1 months
  • Try out the Ananta Pass for one month!  One month of access to the entire AVI Library: Live, On-Demand Replays, and the monthly Mentorship Sangha. Available for one month only.
  • One-time charge
The Ananta Pass $108.00 per month
  • Monthly access to the entire AVI Library! 
    Live, On-Demand Replays, and the monthly Mentorship Sangha. 
  • Auto-renews
8 Class Card with Gary $120.00 valid for 6 months
  • Enjoy eight on demand or live online classes with Gary Kraftsow. (Does not include Mentorship Sangha.)
  • One-time charge
Yoga for Life Bundle $299.00 valid for 12 months
  • Are you living for your yoga practice, or using your yoga practice to help you live your life?  Join Gary Kraftsow, Founder & Director of the American Viniyoga Institute, to explore specific Yogic teachings and practices that provide methods to help us achieve our highest potential. Through twelve hours of lecture and practice, you will learn how to move towards optimum health by adapting yoga practices to individualize and actualize your process of self-discovery and personal transformation.

    Āsana, Prāṇāyāma, Meditation, & Tantra
  • One-time charge