Alison Litchfield

Hi, I'm Alison Litchfield. I am a Body-centered Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Trainer and Wellness Leader in the Boulder area. I serve yogis and practitioners of all levels and walks of life who want their yoga to foster a deeper connection to themselves, their bodies, and their lives off the mat. 30 years ago I lost my mother to cancer and yoga helped me to cultivate a deeper relationship to my heart, my body and to spirit itself.  In my yoga classes, I guide students through this self-healing style of yoga, empowering individuals, especially women in life transitions, to move from a place of feeling stuck in the pain body to being empowered, self guided in their bodies.  
My yoga classes are held both in person and live streamed online and I would love for you to be a part of our worldwide yoga community.  I weave structural alignment into both yin and yang postures, to bring an experience of balance and ease into the body, mind and spirit. Through intention, asana, breath awareness and cultivating boundaries and authentic relationships with ourselves, we re-lease and re-pattern stored emotions and mental constructs to support healing and longevity in the whole person.