10 Punch Pass $180.00 valid for 1 years
  • Good for 10 of the weekly Yoga Classes of your choice.
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Monthly Unlimited Membership $120.00 valid for 1 months
  • Unlimited monthly classes with Alison with access to all replays
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Nourish, Gather & Pause: 6 Week Series Feb 2 - March 8, 2024 $120.00 valid for 2 months
  • Yoga Series to Reset the Nervous System, with Alison Litchfield.
    Save with this pass for the 6 week whole series.
    Drop-ins welcome (register with any existing pass, or at the door with Alison).
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Monthly Unlimited Subscription $100.00 per month
  • Full access to Alison's Studio. 
    ~Access to all live classes
    ~Access to all live-streaming classes
    ~Access to all replays

    Auto renew

  • Auto-renews every month
5 Punch Pass $90.00 valid for 6 months
  • Good for any Vinyasa, Structural or Restorative Classes
  • One-time charge
The Goddess Series $30.00 valid for 1 months
  • Goddess Mythology can help us to reclaim our direct relationship to Source and revive our spiritual lineage rooted in the Great Mother. In theses feminine practices, we cultivate our capacity to embody the greater intelligence, allowing us to heal stuck patterns of energy, trauma and old ways and move into our greater potential. 
    This series is a basic introduction to the 4 main Goddesses of Yoga; Durga, Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi.  In this series you'll find an introduction to each one of the Goddess's as well as a short embodiment practice to go with it.
  • One-time charge
Drop-In Yoga $20.00 one time use
  • Good for one of Alison's weekly yoga classes.
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