10 Punch Pass $160.00 valid for 1 years
  • Good for 10 of the weekly Yoga Classes of your choice.
  • One-time charge
Yoga Private~ In Person or Online $150.00 valid for 1 years

  • Tailored to meet the individual where they are, the focus in these yoga privates is to help you to move stuck energy in the body and cultivate more structural awareness bringing you into more natural alignment in your body. We work with all the principles of yoga over time but always start with the body.  Alison uses a holistic approach to yoga designed to help re-pattern the internet of the body and live in a more Embodied and Present state.  Whatever level you are starting at, Alison’s focus is to help you shift your relationship with pain, misalignment and disconnection in your body into deeper connection to Self where you experience less stress, more vitality, and greater ease in your body, mind and spirit.

    Who is it for?

    • Anyone learning yoga for the first time.
    • Anyone wanting to deepen their practice.
    • Anyone who wants to receive one-on-one attention.
    • Cultivate and specialized home practice just for you.
  • One-time charge
Monthly Unlimited Membership $118.00 valid for 1 years
  • Unlimited monthly classes with Alison with access to all replays
  • One-time charge
5 Punch Pass $85.00 valid for 1 months
  • Good for any Vinyasa, Structural or Restorative Classes
  • One-time charge
The Goddess Series $30.00 valid for 1 months
  • Goddess Mythology can help us to reclaim our direct relationship to Source and revive our spiritual lineage rooted in the Great Mother. In theses feminine practices, we cultivate our capacity to embody the greater intelligence, allowing us to heal stuck patterns of energy, trauma and old ways and move into our greater potential. 
    This series is a basic introduction to the 4 main Goddesses of Yoga; Durga, Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi.  In this series you'll find an introduction to each one of the Goddess's as well as a short embodiment practice to go with it.
  • One-time charge
Drop-In Yoga $20.00 one time use
  • Good for one of Alison's weekly yoga classes.
  • One-time charge
Free Class Free one time use
  • Free class pass for first time yoga students
  • One-time charge