Kayla Hersperger

Kayla Hersperger first experienced yoga in 2006 during her collegiate dancer training. Trauma brought her back to the practice in 2015, and when it helped her heal, she committed her life to studying and practici...

Vinyasa 60: Superficial Back Line

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1h 7m
Today's class focuses on the group of myofascial connection known as the superficial backline. We'll start standing with a full body scan and awareness of the soles of feet. Next class will move us through a standing sequence getting into a bit of balancing and activation of the legs and back. Our second and final standing sequence incorporates both strength and stretch of that backline. We close class with a few prone shapes and finally lots of time to lay on lacrosse or tennis balls to release a few areas we spent time working on. Grab two sturdy blocks, a blanket for sensitive knees, and two balls in a sock if you have it. Move with Elaine and the tunes