Kayla Hersperger

Kayla Hersperger first experienced yoga in 2006 during her collegiate dancer training. Trauma brought her back to the practice in 2015, and when it helped her heal, she committed her life to studying and practici...

Meditate & Move: Mindful Forest

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1h 2m
Honoring our friend Alicia today, we start with a guided nature meditation. You’re welcome to take these first 15 minutes in a seat or supine position, using whatever props make you feel supported. Two kramas of asana follow meditation, one on the knees and the second standing, so be sure to pad sensitive knees with a blanket for that first round. We’ll close with prone shapes and a nice long savasana. Grab two blocks, a blanket, and a bolster if you have one. Thanks to lovely Jessa for showing us the way and the tunes for keeping us on track.