Kayla Hersperger

Kayla Hersperger first experienced yoga in 2006 during her collegiate dancer training. Trauma brought her back to the practice in 2015, and when it helped her heal, she committed her life to studying and practici...

Vinyasa 90: Pulse: Remembrance and Awareness

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1h 48m
Start today in a seated meditation with an invitation to find your pulse on your wrist. On the anniversary of the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub, the intention this evening is to tap into our shared humanity by finding what we all share - a heartbeat. We will then get moving through Sun C's to warm and a bit of QiGong to shake out stagnant energy. Three krama mandala for our asana plan leads us into a supported fish moment and finally sweet savasana. Grab two blocks, a blanket, move with Delainey and the tunes