Joyce Vinzani

A dancer since the age of 5, Joyce discovered that the intentional movement and thoughtful transitions of yoga allowed her to explore her childhood passion in a new and challenging way as an adult. Having attende...

Vinyasa 75: The Spring Series: Emerge

Aired -

1h 20m
The second in the Spring Series, this class focuses on making the choice to emerge and move forward rather than allowing yourself to passively grow. It takes a lot of strength to emerge after a season of cold darkness, but Spring reminds us that it’s time for you to remember who you are. Fluid, strong movement and transitions offer opportunities to explore the range of motion in your shoulders. 2 blocks, blanket for knees and optional lacrosse or tennis balls for an end of class myofascial release treat.

*Please note that the volume of the audio is a bit low for the first few minutes of class, but gets corrected! 

Spring forward with Alexa and the happy tunes.