Megan Flinn

Always in love with this practice that mirrors the dichotomies of life, Megan is constantly both learning and searching, whilst rooting down and embracing stillness inside. Her teaching pulls from the inspiration of her great teachers including Nikki Vilella and Amanda Harding, her background in myofascial massage, her awe at the power of somatic modalities like qi gong and tai chi, and her continued growth in the study of Mahayana Buddhism. Megan's classes are both physically and mentally challenging, asking practitioners to truly be present with themselves even in a room full of others. She hopes that this studio and this practice offer space for people to find a safe and loving community that challenges us to climb out of the boxes that separate us.
IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Creative sequences and transitions linking shape, breath and sensation together, always with a clear purpose and a reason for every piece of class. Expect alignment and anatomical cues, allowing time to break shapes down in addition to moving with fluidity. Singing is often an option in these classes. All levels are welcome & modifications will be given, but a degree of previous practice is recommended for Vinyasa.