Maryellen Baverso

For me, yoga awakens organic movement, builds confidence, deepens listening, and invites spontaneity. As a teacher, I introduce these elements with foundational postures, self-massage, and functional conditioning to enhance ease in everyday movement. 

My background in education is a driving force to my alignment-informed movement stories. My classes evoke body-mind connection, curiosity, and clarity. 

I've completed over 500 hours of yoga training and continue to be inspired as an educator and mentor for growing teachers. I am a YogaWorks and Roll Method Yoga Tune Up certified teacher.

In class you are invited to a mix of dynamic playfulness and a compassionate approach to meditation, breath work, and yoga philosophy. 

Align: Lightning & Self-Love

with Maryellen Baverso
1h 20m

Teaching Foundations

with Maryellen Baverso
1h 48m

Align: Theraband & Bandha

with Maryellen Baverso
1h 22m

Align: Evoke Self-Love

with Maryellen Baverso
1h 18m

Roots: Dance Your Front Hips Open

with Maryellen Baverso
1h 10m