Lauren Gregg

Since childhood, Lauren felt the deeply rooted desire to move. As a former dancer she searched for a form of movement and space that allowed her to experience the same fluidity and awareness of both breath and body. She dabbled in various forms of movement in her early adult life but it wasn't until her late 20s that she found herself fully rooting into the practice of yoga. In that practice, finally finding that feeling she had been searching for, a feeling of coming home. 

In 2021 she completed her 200 hour RYT certification, and with that she found a deeper dedication to the practice not only as a student but as a teacher. She continues to commit herself to learning and growth in her yoga journey, and wishes to bring to her students the same support, exploration, mindfulness and understanding that yoga has & continues to provide to her. She is constantly grateful to this practice, to the yoga community and for the opportunity to teach and hold space for others.

When she's not teaching, Lauren enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, traveling for both fun and work, as well as checking out new restaurants as a self-proclaimed foodie. 

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  To feel supported whether that is through slow mindful movement, your breath, or the inclusion of props and modifications. Providing an accessible and welcoming space for my students is of utmost importance to me. In addition, there will always be a balance of finding moments of strength, creative exploration of movement and the reminder to be present in both the moment and the movement. Incorporation of pranayama, meditation and mindfulness will be present throughout as well. 

Vinyasa 90: Length to Revolve

with Lauren Gregg
1h 34m

Vinyasa 60: Wild Heart

with Lauren Gregg
1h 5m

Vinyasa 90: Traveling Up & Forward

with Lauren Gregg
1h 32m

The Slow Down: Mindful Fluidity

with Lauren Gregg
1h 18m

The Slow Down: Resting & Resetting

with Lauren Gregg
1h 22m

The Slow Down: A Slow Climb

with Lauren Gregg
1h 14m