Kelly Paola

Encouragement from the yogis in my life initially led me to my mat, but the tools I developed there to cope with the inner working of my mind are what led me to stay. Today, these tools are the foundation of my practice. My yoga is a practice of focusing inward, breathing with intention, and tuning in to cultivate a sense of peace and gratitude towards my body. My practice has helped me find release and stillness of the mind that I had no idea I could find within the 4 corners of a yoga mat. In August 2018, I completed my 200 hour certification at One Point One Yoga, where I have the honor of being a part of a community as a student alongside those I may be fortunate enough to teach.
My mission as an instructor is to help others build a yoga practice that is much deeper than the physical, encouraging students to focus inwards to find release and calm strength amidst movement.

Vinyasa 90: Head, Neck & Shoulders

with Kelly Paola
2h 48m

Vinyasa 60: Twist & Revolve with Kelly

with Kelly Paola
1h 3m

Sadhana 2024: Pranayama

with Kelly Paola
4h 55m

Sadhana 2024: Lunge Family 2

with Kelly Paola
5h 3m

Vinyasa 90: Move with Kindness

with Kelly Paola
1h 32m