Andrew Sparks

Andrew’s journey into his practice began amidst the encouragement of friends and family, and a thirty day pass. Skepticism about his body's "rightness" for yoga dissolved quickly as he discovered the truth that yoga is indeed for everyBODY. His relationship with his physical self underwent a profound transformation, nurturing acceptance and love for every edge of his being. The allure of asana gave way to a deeper discovery – the expansive mental sanctuary carved out through each mindful breath and movement.

With a 200-hour certification proudly obtained from One Point One Yoga in 2022, Andrew’s approach to teaching is sculpted by his understanding of yoga's universality and his personal revelations. Andrew has crafted classes that prioritize the connection between breath and movement, with a particular love for the way music can deepen this experience. Andrew is passionate about the art of hands-on assists, believing in the transformative power of touch within the practice. Andrew's practice is a tribute to the powerful yet gentle grasp of yoga on the mind, leading him to cherish the tranquility it brings.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: A mosaic of options, tailored for all levels and body types, where props and modifications aren't just an afterthought – they're a celebration of diversity and personal space. Come for the movement, stay for the magic of connection – Andrew's class is a place where laughter is the echo of our collective breath.