Prema Primer: A Weekend of Workshops with Amanda Harding & The One Point One Crew

Fri, 5/20/22 6:00 PM,
Sun, 5/22/22 12:00 PM
and more with
Amanda Harding, Megan Flinn

Kula: An Evening with Nikki Vilella

Fri, 6/10/22 6:00 PM with Nikki Vilella

Your Myofascial Web

Series starts Fri, 06/24/22 with Maryellen Baverso, Megan Flinn


Sat, 10/15/22 3:00 PM,
Sat, 7/16/22 3:00 PM
and more with
Rebecca Funk

Art of Touch Two

Series starts Fri, 07/29/22 with Maryellen Baverso

Yoga Therapy 2022 Series

Sat, 11/12/22 12:00 PM,
Sat, 10/1/22 12:00 PM
and more with
Sadie Grossman