the problem

Why Union?

We’ve spoken with hundreds of studio owners and heard many of the same concerns: you started a business to transform lives, but now you’re getting squeezed by higher rents, big competition, and endless software platforms that treat your classes as interchangeable cogs.

Your teachers have plenty of heart but need the support of better tools and systems. You’re using frustrating, unintuitive software that processes transactions but doesn’t help you where you truly need it: connecting with and better serving your community.

the philosophy

Software that cares about you as much as you care about your students.

Connect and grow together more than two hours each week. A relationship beyond buying and booking classes.



Beautiful software that gets out of your way.


No monthly fees

We only win when we help you win, and we only get paid when we help you get more people doing more yoga.


No tiers

All features are available to everyone.


Member/Student Focus

Obsessive focus on helping you understand and better serve your members and.

The Features for Teacher Training

Get more leads, Create more students

  • Lead Funnels on your website
  • Market Workshops, Events, Retreats, and Trainings with beautiful custom registration pages
  • Website Integration with any web platform, including Wordpress and Squarespace

Pain-free Payments and Registration

  • Easy Payment Plan creation and tracking
  • Effortless attendance tracking and email students
  • Manage prospects and applicants with CRM integration. No more spreadsheets.

Join the 21st Century Online

  • Remote access to past lectures and classes
  • Digital on-demand or drip content bundled with trainings
  • Online Portal for in Person and Online Ed: Assessments, Message Board, and Assignment Tracking through Google Classroom Integration


The Team

Andrew Tanner

Andrew Tanner

Head of Sales & Marketing

Previously @yogaalliance, @kripalu
Sean Porter

Sean Porter


Previously @ticketfly, @eventbrite
Charley Hine

Charley Hine


Previously @ticketfly, @chain
Ellen Kaye

Ellen Kaye


Sean Porter

Adit Vaidya


Previously Eventbrite, PayPal