Caitlin Maldonado

Caitlin's first introduction to yoga was during childhood. It came from a book on yoga for kids. Interest was sparked but nothing solid. It wasn't until her first year of college that she began practicing at her ...

ZEN VINYASA 1 - Candlelight


at Zen Yoga Garage (1845 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60647)

This 60-minute vinyasa class is suitable for all levels but geared toward a student beginning their yoga journey. Teachers will provide advanced options, as well as customizations to tailor the class to meet your needs.

This class is offered 1 way:

  • IRL- In Person
We have taken every precaution to make the studio safe for you! Shared and sanitized props will be provided if needed.  Rental mats and towels available. Deep sanitizing will happen with ample time between each class.

Coming to the Studio?
Please be prompt in your arrival. No Show Spots will be given to the waitlist at the start time of class and charged the no show fee of $15. Need to cancel? You are able to cancel yourself from class on Union via your upcoming registrations within 30min of class start time.