at Zen Yoga Garage (1845 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60647)

Libby Cummins McKenna

Libby has had a passion for movement her whole life. She trained as a competitive dancer and performer through college, and afterwards she traveled internationally as a performer with The Walt Disney Company. Whe...
This performance or session has been canceled.
BUDDHA BARRE: 50 minutes
Low impact, yoga based workout focused on activating smaller muscle groups to build whole body strength and mobility

Coming IRL?
Please join us in studio with masks on.
We have taken every precaution to make the studio safe for you! Please bring all props you will need for class (mat, towel, water, blocks, and/or strap). Shared and sanitized weights will be provided if needed. No rental mats available. Deep sanitizing will happen with ample time between each class.

Joining from home?
Have your yoga mat, towel, light dumb bells (or soup cans), something to balance with (a chair or wall), and water ready!