Inversion Immersion


Manny Garcia

Manny’s teaching style is technical and precise; his goal is always for you to understand what’s going on in the body before taking shapes or exercises deeper. When not teaching yoga, you can catch Manny at the d...
This workshop is designed for those who are interested in the beginning that journey into hand, forearm, or headstand. Many believe this practice is unattainable because visually it looks very defeating and a bit scary. However, with the proper alignment, engagement of the bandhas, dedication to the practice, and confidence in one’s self, over time I believe any inversion or arm balance is attainable for all. 

This is a two-hour practice beginning with an energizing meditation exploring the fears of getting upside down. We will then warm-up and prep for inversions. Throughout the class, we will pause and break down the methods to my madness and answer any questions surrounding those methods.