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Group Apprentice Program: GAP

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Group Apprentice Program at Zen Yoga Garage

The GAP: What is it?
This program is designed to fill in the gap between Teacher Training and actually teaching.

In Teacher Training you received an introduction to poses, language, different styles and so much more.  Now in The Gap we will give you the next step. A chance to go in depth and practice hands-on assists in an actual class, advanced poses, creative sequencing techniques, strategies for landing your first opportunities, and teaching actual classes on the schedule at ZYG. Put your skills to action in a classroom environment, build confidence, and feel prepared to teach an entire class by yourself!
*Registration is limited 14. On the calendar as the first day of Lectures.

The Short List
Dates: January 5-February 4, 2024

Times: Fridays 6:30pm-9:00pm, Saturdays OR Sundays 2:30pm-4:30pm (teach class at 3:00)
Program includes: Advanced Lectures, Group Teaching and Feedback, Unlimited Yoga March 31st-April 30th (If you continue to teach community classes unlimited yoga extends)

  Advanced Sequencing w/ Mel and Cierra
Lecture Seat of the Teacher (audition prep, holding space-theming & hands on assists)
Lecture Anatomy and Advanced Asana w/Manny
Lecture Trauma Informed Teaching- Nicole
Lecture Business of Yoga- Mel and Nicole
Cost: $525
Program Details
Every Friday from 6:30pm-9:00pm you will meet as a group to delve into advanced lectures on: Sequencing, Business of Yoga, Advanced Asana , Authentic Voice and Holding Space, and Teaching Special Populations.

You will be assigned a teaching day (either Saturdays or Sundays at 3) where you will teach community yoga classes as a group (5 Public Group Classes). You will receive immediate feedback from your mentor after each group teaching experience. 

After group teaching, you are welcome to sign up for dates in May, June, July, and August to teach Community Class class all by yourself! 

*Great opportunity to get experience teaching to the public and on our schedule! 

TLDR: Lectures Friday night. Group teach Saturday or Sunday. You will get real feedback from students and your senior teachers. Receive unlimited yoga throughout the program and through teaching Community Class. If you haven't yet completed your 200 hours, you can use these lectures towards completion.

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