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Yoga for the Mind: A Series on Mental Well Being for Yoga Teachers


at YTX Austin Downtown (206 E 4th Street Austin, TX: Texas 78701)

Join Ferny Barcelo for a three part series to support the mental health of Yoga Teachers. Gain tools to support your mental well being.

May 7th
Rituals for Mental Wellbeing
Learn simple ways to create a sense of grounding and self-reflection in your daily life. In this session, we'll cover both yoga and psychology-based practices that can help us navigate anxiety and stress, while creating room for building self-awareness, self-compassion, and ritualizing everyday moments. Expect in-class exercises and open discussion that will provide you with a simple toolbox of rituals to help you stay grounded.

June 18th
Shadow Work & the Student / Teacher Dynamic
How do we learn to embrace the parts of ourselves that are hard to love? In this session, we'll learn about what shadow work is, and how gently exploring the parts of our minds that feel hidden, lost, or dark can actually teach us how to embrace ourselves (and our students) whole-heartedly. Through lots of self-inquiry and group discussions, we'll cover how "doing your shadow work" can help with navigating things like projection, self-criticism, and ultimately help us create a deep sense of acceptance of yourself and others.

October 1st
Navigating Healthy Boundaries as a Yoga Teacher
If you've ever found the lines of relationships becoming blurry when teaching yoga, this session is for you. We'll learn why strong, healthy boundaries are essential for yoga teachers (and everyone else!) and how to create them with students, coworkers, and other relationships in your life. Learn to recognize when a boundary might be necessary, how to implement it, and what to do if there's pushback. Together, we'll discuss ways to create a sense of clarity and respect in your relationships, and tools to clearly communicate what works for you and what doesn't.

Dates and Times:
May 7/June 18/October 1
Optional Vinyasa Class: 10:30-11:45 am
Focus Session:12:45-2:45pm

Single Session: $95
Three Sessions: $275
NOTE: Enrollment rate includes admission to the 75 min vinyasa class on the day of session. The vinyasa class is 10:30-11:45am (open to the public as well) and then the focus sessions are 12:45-2:45pm.