The Heart Unlocked: Back bending Workshop


Carter Miles

Yoga brought me back to life, it reconnected me to my body, it gave me something solid I could understand and work with. The more I did it, the better I felt, so I just kept coming back for more.  I’ve practiced...
Join Carter for a 90 minute workshop that will prepare the body to safely and effectively explore backbends no matter your level of practice. Many props will be provided. 

Session will begin with a yoga practice themed around backbends set up to prepare the body for workshopping the poses. Additional time will be spent breaking down the fundamentals of back bending, learning key spots in the body that support the shape, understanding the effects, benefits, and reasons for back bending and exploring different backbends with props.

Backbends can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Learn to take these shapes in a safe and effective way that will allow you to drop restriction around the areas that might feel closed off. These shapes are particularly necessary to do given how they counter our normal forward leaning, closed chest, postural patterns and assist in our releasing emotional defenses.

Sunday, June 26  
5-6:30 pm

$40 non member // $35 YTX member