Handstand Foundations: Build Your Handstand with Morgan


Morgan Moulckers

Morgan is grateful that yoga found her her early on. Having always been passionate about health and wellness, Morgan loved the mental clarity and mindfulness that yoga offered, in addition to the physicality of t...
Join Morgan for a 2-hour Inversions workshop to learn and practice foundational skills to safely practice getting upside down. The workshop will include an asana warm up, activating breathwork, drills, different entryways, and fun handstand variations (think lotus legs and scorpion) using props, walls, and partner-assisted work. The primary inversion of this workshop is handstand, but we will also cover headstand, forearm stand, crow pose, and restorative inversions to cool down at the end. This workshop will focus on building strength and steadiness from the ground up and prepare the body for a safe entry and exit, and above all else, we will have fun!!

No handstand (or other inversion) experience required! This is an all levels workshop and the aim is for everyone to walk away feeling accomplished - beginner and advanced yogi alike!

June 25, 2022

Investment: $35 Member(recurring monthly membership)/Staff or $40 non member