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YoStrong | JLo Themed Booty + Biceps w/ Diana & Lucy O


at YTX Austin Downtown (206 E 4th Street Austin, TX: Texas 78701)

Diana Wilcox

Rooted in a life long love of movement and athleticism, Diana’s Journey to Yoga sparked the first time she walked into her first power vinyasa class just after her collegiate Diving career ended. Growing up, body...
Join Diana & Lucy O for a for a Booty + Biceps YoStrong class with Diana & Lucy O and stay to chat about YoStrong Teacher Training after class!

YoStrong is built on a foundation of yoga postures and breath, and integrates weight training and athletic conditioning. This is a high-intensity fusion class that incorporates vinyasa flows, hand weights and interval training for a full-body workout. Expect to sweat, work hard, and have fun!