Shoulders and Blankies (Level Two - Challenging Yoga) [1:30]


Shana Meyerson

I grew up a very intense athlete. I played the Junior USTA tennis circuit in high school, later trained for the Race Across America (bike riding 100 miles a day), and worked out like a fiend (three hours a day) a...
Get out your blankies, folks!
No, it’s not for savasana. It’s for something much more nefarious (insert evil laughter).
Blankets are always a fun addition to any practice.
In LA, half my students beg me to use them, while the other half begs for mercy.
Find out if you are a blankie-lover, too, with this jolly good challenge class.
And, for good measure, a strong smattering of shoulder openers have been integrated throughout. Great news, as you know we hold current stress and tension in our shoulders…
Try it. You’ll like it (or love/hate it)!  
Required: one blanket