🔸 The Yoga of Money

🔸 The Yoga of Money

Saturday, July 29



This workshop will open with light stretching and deep breathing to support relaxation before you will be guided to uncover your money story. Through meditative practices and journaling with prompts you’ll be invited to connect to both your conscious and unconscious to explore and heal your beliefs around money. 

You’ll be guided through awareness practices to feel into your energy centers (chakras) and how they are connected to your relationship with money. Oftentimes we can work to heal these centers to unblock money flow. We will look at the energetics of money flow and how individual money reality is often connected to personal beliefs. 

You will also learn three key principles around creating money and keys to earning, growing, keeping, and contributing more of your money.

Rachel Petkus L.Ac. (RYT 200hrs) believes she is here to awaken herself and others by supporting, loving, and inspiring people to realize and express their divine nature. She is a mother of two in a blended family of 7 humans, four dogs and five chickens!  Working 5 years as a Transformational Life Coach and over 30 years as a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner. She has lived, studied, worked and taught all over the world and is passionate about people and planet. She is devoted to a life of service.