The rEVOLUTION Series: Workshop #2 Solar Plexus Activation

The rEVOLUTION Series: Workshop #2 Solar Plexus Activation

The rEVOLUTION Series is a holistic journey of feminine embodiment, growth and learning. Each workshop is a stand alone experience designed to activate a specific frequency of healing and awareness. As a whole, the series is an opportunity to empower oneself with the tools, experiential understanding and practical integration methods to EVOLVE towards the utmost personal alignment and freedom.

In session 2 we will get heated as we work with the frequency of Anger, discovering our access points for action, clarity, boundaries and power.

Facilitator Bios:
Teagan Rose is an Embodiment & Voice Activation Guide, Actor and Artist. She supports people in coming home to their body as a teacher, friend and life-long partner by clearing emotional stagnancy through Embodied Emotional Release practices, and inviting freedom of expression back into the body and voice. She has 15+ years of experience as a professional actor/performer, and 6+ years of experience with dance, somatic movement and holistic healing practices. She feels supercharged and humbled to be of service in this way.

KiaOra Fox is a Soma and Psyche Integration Specialist. She helps people to make the unconscious conscious; relieving mental, emotional and physical pain. Her specialties include Reset Mediation (a Poly Vagal Nerve based modality) and 5Rhtyhms dance meditation, with 18 years of utilizing Yoga and Pilates to re-pattern movement. KiaOra's life purpose is to encourage all who are ready to grow into their most authentic, honest and alive versions of themselves.

Nicole Inglish is a Holistic Healing Specialist. She shares 20+ years of the science of yoga as a lifestyle and path to wellness in the depths of body mind and spirit healing. Nicole's purpose in this work is to support you in your ever-radiant changing truth, freedom and optimal well being.