Strong + Steady Flow • Level 2/3


Brianna Turpin

I believe that yoga is for everyone and that we all benefit from reconnecting with our breath, bodies, and authentic sense of purpose and being in the world. My approach to yoga is "come as you are" this practice...
This alignment-based, breath-filled vinyasa class is set to a thoughtful, inspiring playlist and guided in a nurturing, meditative way.  As we explore the balance between effort and ease, the focus is to challenge your physical body through a strong, heat-building flow while cultivating a focussed steadiness in your mind. While the class is catered to experienced practitioners, everyone is encouraged to attend as a variety of invitations are offered so that you may honor your unique body and energy level. 

Because this class is only offered in person, you are invited to join in the feeling of community, connection, and supportive, collective energy.