Sierra Noland

Laughing, falling over, trying again (and farting, too) are all welcome in my classes. My goal is to create a sense of belonging in the space I hold, no matter how you show up or where you’re coming from. I comp...

🌳 Nature Flow


at LA MESA PARK (295 Meigs Road Santa Barbara, CA 93109)

This intermediate vinyasa class is active and steady-paced.

An invigorating outdoor Vinyasa class aimed at connecting mind, body, and nature. Explore various physical shapes while delving into breath awareness and regulation. Strengthen and lengthen your body through mindful movement and holding poses, enhancing flexibility and mobility. This class takes place in the beautiful outdoors, utilizing the natural environment to deepen your practice. No props needed—simply bring yourself and an open mind. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the elements as you flow through asanas with the sun on your face and the breeze on your skin. Ending the session with a Reiki sound infused savasana with occasional self-reflective passages for added relaxation.

Please note that park classes may be canceled if the weather is cold or wet. If you sign up on a foggy or rainy day, please check the online schedule before you leave home to make sure class is happening.

Music is played during this class.