🔸 SOUND SERIES: Gong Yoga Nidra

🔸 SOUND SERIES: Gong Yoga Nidra

Gong Yoga Nidra with Mitsuko


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Gong Yoga Nidra is a powerful restorative yogic practice. All that is required of you is to lie on your back, listen, and relax. Mitsuko will do the rest.

*Please note- Our Sound Series offering usually fill to capacity.  Capacity for Gong Yoga Nidra is 28-32*

The practice of Yoga Nidra can create new neural pathways in the brain. It has been shown to reduce the impact of deep emotional associations from past experiences on the nervous and immune system. Mitsuko will read a script that takes one’s awareness on a trip through the physical body, breath body, sense body– guiding the mind through the subconscious. She will end the sound meditation by chaperoning the imagination to outer space by the vibratory sounds of duelling gongs.

This is an explorative journey to be encountered with an child like curiosity to amplify the natural balance of body, mind and spirit. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Several people attending past gatherings shared stories of the event leaving them feeling pain free and emotionally light, with these wonderful effects lasting for several days. Each person's experience is different.

Where will your subconscious take you? Find out!

Space is limited. Please register online or call the studio to reserve your spot. Bring your friends and make an adventure out of the affair.