Anahita Navab Holden

Anahita finds herself at home in the rich integration of mindfulness-based practices, yoga, and sound meditation. She is a clinical psychologist and has a private psychotherapy practice in downtown Santa Barbara....

◇ Somatic Meditation for Caregivers


Come take this time created as a refuge for all caregivers, to practice resourcing meditation together. As a collective, we’ll participate in Somatic Experiencing exercises, EMDR resource-tapping, self-compassion meditation, gentle stretching, and enjoy music and poetry from the greats such as Rumi and Hafiz. We invite all individuals identifying as caregivers, in personal and professional capacities. We will form community together and hold space for all experiences in this realm of caregiving. Through these practices we’ll allow our nervous systems to deeply register these positive meditative experiences so that we may be able to come back into care and all of our life experiences with renewed, relaxed energy.

In collaboration with Mindful Heart Programs. Check us out here.