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at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

Singing gives us a direct and embodied experience of ourselves, allowing us to exist in the present moment. Singing together allows us to feel the truth of our interconnectedness, to each other, and within the greater web of life.

In this workshop you will be gently guided to expand and open into your natural voice, and sing a range of uplifting and inspiring songs in harmony from different traditions. All songs are taught by ear. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.

About Sophia: 

Sophia has been facilitating inspirational voice and singing workshops for over 15 years and is dedicated to supporting people to find an authentic connection with their natural voice and experience the healing potential of sound. She holds a nurturing and magical space, weaving together her love of music, people and the land, with a lightness of spirit that invites us all to meet and welcome ourselves as we are. She has collected songs from many traditions and cultures, and teaches them in an easeful and embodied style, enabling anyone of any experience to feel the bliss of singing in harmony together.

She incorporates therapeutic voice work, improvisation and ceremony into her offerings, inviting us to sound the parts of us that may have been suppressed, honouring the full spectrum of our being.

Singing together is a deeply reconnecting and re-membering experience. It’s ancient and vital and brings us into a deeper connection to the power and potency of our being. We sing to arrive in our bodies, we sing to feel our joy and our sorrow, we sing to give thanks and celebrate this gift of life! Come and rediscover your innate nature as a sound being and music maker.

“Sophia is an inspiring teacher. She leads with clarity, gentleness and awareness. There is a sense of the sacred in the way she is and also a fabulous sense of humour.” - Magdalena

"This workshop has changed my life - I have re-found the joy of MY OWN VOICE!!" - Lucy J

"Absolutely loved this. Sophia has such a calm, inclusive way about her. It was the highlight for me, which is saying quite a lot as the whole festival was beautiful." - Festival workshop participant

"Thanks Sophia. I was told as a child I couldn't sing and to sit out. I’ve not sung since, but I did yesterday and loved it." - Mark

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