Amber Goodenough

Amber was instantly hooked after attending her first yoga class in 2006. Since that time her journey of self-discovery led her to complete her 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher certification with Susi Amendola in Omaha, N...

🔸 Recovering From Chronic Pain


at YOGA SOUP (28 PARKER WAY SANTA BARBARA, California 93101)

Saturday, May 18



Join us for this empowering workshop designed specifically for those grappling with chronic pain. If you find yourself navigating the challenges of frequent headaches, persistent back pain, IBS, fibromyalgia, anxiety or other long-term pain, this workshop is tailored to offer you a beacon of hope and practical solutions. 

Discover a profound method to manage and reduce chronic pain, based on years of groundbreaking work and unlock a pathway to rediscover joy in your life. Long-term pain or mind/body syndrome is a result of chronic exposure to stress, difficult childhood experiences and stuck emotional energy, this workshop transcends conventional approaches by exploring the intricate connection between emotional well-being and physical symptoms.

Learn about the latest science behind mind/body pain and how journaling can help to liberate trapped emotions, ultimately reducing symptoms and restoring your nervous system to safety. Participants are invited but not required to journal, meditate and share as a group. 

***Please wear comfortable clothing and bring any props that will make sitting more comfortable. We will have bolsters, chairs and blankets to assist in finding comfortable ways to sit.